Talk: Leverage the power of logic programming

This is the souffle-haskell talk I gave at the Berlin FP meetup group.

Souffle-haskell is a Haskell library that provides bindings for the Souffle language. Souffle is a Datalog variant that allows rapid prototyping of complex analyses in a high-level logic language. With souffle-haskell, it is now possible to combine the strengths of both Haskell and Datalog in order to solve complex problems easily.

In this talk, I start with a short introduction of how I came about creating souffle-haskell. Afterwards, I explain how Haskell and Souffle can work together seamlessly and how this functionality is exposed in the library. Finally, I showcase some of the cool things you can build using the combination of Souffle and Haskell.

The slides for this talk can be found here.